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Ingredients to avoid in dental products

The Ins and Outs Of Natural Dental

While most people want the whitest and healthiest teeth they possibly can, many aren’t aware that...

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8th Apr 2020
Why you should visit your dentist

5 Reasons to show your Dentist some Love (and w...

Respect your dentist. Love your dentist. We’re talking bear hugs, high fives and hip bumps. Your ...

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18th Mar 2020
The Link between Alzheimers and Gum Disease

Healthy Mouth Healthy Brain - The Link between ...

Billions of dollers have been spent on the study of Alzheimers through the years and medical prof...

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9th Dec 2019
How Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

How Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

Rubbing black goop over your teeth might seem contradictory to achieving a whiter smile… but we’v...

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26th Jun 2017
How to clean your tongue

How To Use A Tongue Cleaner

We know what you must be thinking- tongue cleaning? Do I really need that? The answer is yes! Eve...

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25th Dec 2016
Anti Ageing For Your Teeth

Anti Ageing For Your Teeth

 It’s a bummer, but we’re all getting older. As you get older, it becomes super important to take...

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3rd Sep 2016
what is oil pulling

What the heck is oil pulling?

It’s no secret that the Biebz is still pining for Selena and Kim K’s butt isn’t actually real (do...

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3rd Nov 2015
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