3 Simple Ways to Naturally Detox the Body

4th Jun 2020

3 Simple Ways to Naturally Detox the Body

Our modern world is full of conveniences and helpful technology. Unfortunately one of the side affects of this modernity is a departure from nature and an increase in exposure to chemicals and toxins.

While science and technology surge ahead in leaps and bounds many people are seeking a more natural way of life, with a greater connection to nature and all the wonderful healing and wellness compounds it provides.

Unless you live in a bubble, detoxing is a must. Your body has great defenses against illness and disease, however it can use all the help it can get, and this is where detoxing comes in. By removing the toxins putting stress on your body you pave the way to a healthier and happier life.

The Master Cleanse 

There are many natural ways to detoxify your system. One technique which is very popular and shows great results is the master cleanse. This carefully formulated cleanse revolves around fasting, with the exception of a special drink imbibed several times a day. This drink contains lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, providing the body with essential nutrients and allowing the flushing of your system, removing any foreign toxins.

Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Another effective option is an Oxygen colon cleanse. This is one of the best natural detox methods, and involves a six or seven day cleanse using distilled water, organic/raw apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, Oxy-Powder and a probiotic supplement. This cleanse is a quick and effective way to purify your digestive tract.

Oil Pulling

A great way to limit the toxins entering your system is to purify the area most toxins gain entry to your system, the mouth. To detox the mouth a technique called ‘oil pulling’ is used. This technique, which has been around for thousands of years, involves swishing organic oil around your mouth to draw out toxins and break down plaque. The oil is then spat out taking all the toxins and harmful bacteria with it. A great side effect of oil pulling is that it also whitens teeth giving you a dazzling smile.


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