5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Are Making

17th Apr 2020

5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Are Making

Wonder why you can't shift those stubborn stains on your teeth?! Here are some reasons why!

1. Visit your dentist

Makes sense right? They are the real experts on all things oral. By neglecting your lovely dentist you are running the risk of small problems like minor gum disease and bacterial infection (eww gross) taking hold and becoming big dramas. So suck it up princess, it’s not that scary, visit your dentist at least twice a year. change your toothbrush Give the little guy a break! We are all guilty of over using our trusty old toothbrush, it’s ok, we get it, you’re attached, but they do wear out, faster than you might think.

2. Change your toothbrush

Change out every 3 months for optimal results, the last thing you want is it turning into a bacterial breeding ground (eww gross again). We suggest opting for a biodegradable toothbrush. Better for your. Better for the planet!

3. Bad teeth whitening products

These seems like a great idea, but the harsh chemicals can strip away your mouth’s protective layers leaving your teeth porous and susceptible to even more staining. They contain all kinds of inorganic compounds and is that really the sort of thing you want to ingest? Yeah, neither do we. Opt for peroxide free products if you can as they are effective yet safe on your enamel.

4. Red red wine

Red wine contains a bevy of antioxidants which are good for you, but the rich colour created by the tannin is bad news for your pearly whites. Keep the Red to a minimum, substitute with white wine and your smile will be toasting your health for years to come.

5. Coffee addict

We get it, 4pm hits like a truck and you need that pick-me-up, but coffee is on your teeth’s naughty list. It stains your smile leaving it drab and dull. When you need that little boost boil up some black tea instead, it contains the caffeine you crave without the colour your smile can do without.