4 things you’re doing wrong with your oral care routine

24th Jun 2021

4 things you’re doing wrong with your oral care routine

Brush, floss, mouthwash. Check, check, check – but it seems even when we think we’re doing everything right we can still be making mistakes with our everyday routine. It’s so important to get a few basics right.

Uh Oh you’re brushing wrong

Why is it so hard to get it right? Brushing for too long can damage the gums. Brushing for not long enough means the plaque is still alive and kicking on your teeth. The Goldilocks zone is two minutes, twice a day. And dentists recommend that you brush, floss, clean your tongue and swirl that mouthwash – in that order.

It’s the wrong brush

At some point in time we all seem to have got it into our heads that a hard brush is better for removing plaque. Like scouring the oven or scrubbing a pot. That is not the case, a hard toothbrush will cause long term damage to your teeth and gums. Go soft and stay soft. A soft toothbrush is just as effective in cleaning your teeth. Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every three to four months. If you notice that the bristles are fraying on your brush a lot sooner than that, you must be brushing too hard.

Not cleaning your whole mouth and tongue

Your teeth make up 25% of your mouth. That means that most of your mouth isn’t cleaned when you brush. Your tongue is covered with plaque bacteria and the only way to remove it is to clean your tongue and use a mouthwash. Our premium copper tongue cleaner scrapes away all that eugh and overtime can even improve your tastebuds. Sooooo many benefits to having a clean mouth. A good swish of a mouthwash will remove extra plaque in areas that you haven’t been able to visit with your brush.

Using the right products

For a lot of people it can be trial and error. Remember harsh chemicals can have a really negative effect on the gentle balance of our mouths. Shop around and find what works for you.

Here’s hoping there’s no more dental mistakes going forward. All smiles ahead.


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