3 Ways for Dealing with Jaw Tension

25th Aug 2020

3 Ways for Dealing with Jaw Tension

Thanks to a little something called COVID-19, many of us are feeling pretty stressed out. Between social distancing and trying to stay healthy it's fairly likely that for a lot of us stress has wiggled its way into our daily lives and appearing as jaw tension.

Here are 3 quick and simple ways of dealing with jaw tension at home.


Giving your jaw area a massage can give you a relaxed face and also drain the lymph nodes to bring circulation back to the area. Start by soaking a cloth in warm water and gently apply to your face to loosen up the muscles. After, apply a facial oil and massage in an upward motion from your chin, moving all the way to your temples and around your eyes to release sinus congestion.

Using a facial tool like a Gua Sha can also be a great way of massaging the jaw.


Try and have no more than two cups a day as caffeine can tighten already tense muscles. Swap to a caffeine free option like decaf or a herbal tea.



Magnesium is a wonderful supplement that can help with muscle relaxation and a better nights sleep. We love Moon Juice  Magnesi-Om as it has a lovely berry flavour and easy to take before bed.


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