5 Reasons to show your Dentist some Love (and why they need it more than most)

18th Mar 2020

Why you should visit your dentist

Respect your dentist. Love your dentist. We’re talking bear hugs, high fives and hip bumps. Your dentist should be your All-Time Bestie – for real. No one and we mean, no one else can do what they do.

5 reasons to love your dentist

We’ve put together our top five reasons why we all need to show our dentists some love on World Oral Health Day.

1. Your dentist will actually search for your best smile. Yes, there might be some poking, a little prod and ouch, the sting of a needle but it’s worth it. They want your pearly whites to have that million-dollar zing. Which will, by the way, make you feel your best self!

2. Dentists stop your teeth falling out. It’s a superpower. You know all those little sweet treats you give yourself? That extra nibble of chocolate, and sugary Friday night cocktail, well your Dentist bestie, can scrape all that nastiness away and clean you right up. They are the ultimate Tooth Fairies.

3. DIY Dentistry is not recommended. Just because you may have skills with a make up brush and are a dab hand with a power tool does not mean that you can or should operate a dental drill. Leave all that tooth pulling and orthodontic work to the professionals. They’ve studied this, they’re experienced so you don’t have to be. Phew.

4. They have excellent wizard like skills at clearing up bad breath. Nothing is a bigger mood buster than halitosis. Let’s all sing their praises from the cool, fresh mountains.

5. Unfairly, they’re seen as Big Bad Wolves. People actively pale in front of them. Patients faint in waiting rooms, vomit in their bins and have to be knocked out before they’re allowed peep at their teeth. And really, they’re just trying to help. Not fair.

So, be kind to your dentist remember they have fillings too.* And no one else is going to care about your teeth and mega-watt smile as much as they will. So, book an appointment for a check-up today and keep smiling.

*apologies for the bad joke but we couldn’t help ourselves ; )


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