5 Tips for the Perfect Picture with Braces

29th Oct 2021

5 Tips for the Perfect Picture with Braces

Lot of times, we tend to be insecure about things that are totally natural, and things that we can't change about ourselves - like braces. They’re something completely natural and normal, and they don’t necessarily make anyone look bad either. All you really need to still be able to take awesome photos with braces is some practice and the right tricks - which really is all there is to any amazing Instagram feed. 

Things that take attention away from your mouth and the right lighting that doesn’t catch on your braces can go a long shot in making sure your selfie game stays strong. In this article, that’s just what we’re going to talk about so keep reading! 

The Right Lighting 

The secret to any good photo is the right lighting, and it’s even more important now that you have your braces to think about too. Any kind of flash or artificial  lighting isn’t flattering, but natural light right before sundown and early in the morning is the ideal setting for any photos. Of course, artificial lighting is great if you want to sharpen your jawline or are going for a certain look, but all those things can be achieved with makeup too. 

The light makes your features softer and smoother, and it makes your skin look better too. Plus there won’t be any starkness or harshness to highlight your features in an undesirable way. 

Practice Your Smile 

You might have known how to smile before you got your braces, but you might need to learn what looks best and how to smile around your braces all over again. This is to avoid any awkward photos and to give you an extra boost of confidence, plus the ability to not be self conscious around people while you smile - so it’s not really just about the photos. 

Practice your smile in front of the mirror and see how much you need to show your teeth to feel good, and to make sure you don’t look awkward like you fear you might. 

5 Tips for the Perfect Picture with Braces

Use the Right Lipstick 

If you’re taking a selfie with makeup on, try to go for nude shades and more muted lipsticks before you experiment with darker shades. While before they might have helped make your lips stand out and make a bold statement, now they might just make your braces stand out more against your face.

You also need to make sure you’re wearing lip balm or chapstick regularly so your lips don’t get dry or chapped. These things are really visible in your photos and might give you the wrong look, and make your teeth look worse than they are. 

Clean Your Braces 

Your braces can get dirty easier than you think, which is why you need to make sure they are clean and flossed before you sit down for a photo session, or take your selfie. We’re not asking you to brush your teeth before every single photo, but it will certainly help if you make sure there’s nothing stuck in your braces. 

You might think your braces won’t matter in photos if you’re keeping your mouth closed, but doing that doesn’t always look natural, and sometimes if you want to seem more casual you need to keep your mouth open a little. 

5 Tips for the Perfect Picture with Braces for instagram

Think About Posing 

We know you might be feeling shy and nervous, but you’re just as beautiful now as you were before. Shying away from the camera or not knowing how to pose is only going to make it worse for you - self confidence wise - so the best idea here is to try as much as you need to, and to practice different poses and styles until you’re once again sure of how you’ll need to pose to look your best in a photo. 

All these tips are great, but no rule for photography is set in stone. Instead of treating them like the rules you absolutely need to follow, use them as a general guideline that you can use to start to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and this can be different for every individual. You need to make sure your photos look good to you, and that you’re satisfied with the end result. If you think that can be achieved with the brightest red lipstick, go for it. 


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