6 Foods That Fight Bad Breath

17th Aug 2021

6 Foods That Fight Bad Breath

The food you eat can directly impact your breath – hello garlic and onions. But bad breath, or halitosis to give it it’s scientific name, goes deeper than just a post meal odour. It’s caused by the bacteria in your mouth producing a sulfur gas as it breaks down leftover food particles and dead cells.

The top fix for bad breath is to look after your teeth, but if you want to eat your way out of bad breath try:

  1. Raw fruits and veggies. All that crunchy goodness produces more saliva in your mouth, which helps clean out bacteria. And apples are particularly good at neutralizing the smell of garlic.
  2. Water. Lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated keeps the saliva in your mouth flowing, which helps keep your mouth clean.
  3. Yoghurt. One serving a day of plain, non-fat yoghurt has been proven to show reductions in bad breath. This is linked to the probiotics in yoghurt, and the healthy bacteria lactobacillus.
  4. Green tea and Mint tea. Both teas have disinfectant and deoderising properties that can freshen breath in the short term. A great idea after a heavy meal.
  5. This is an old folk remedy, but it works. Chewing on some fresh green leaves, with a high chlorophyll content, can have a deodorizing effect.
  6. Pineapple juice. Down a glass after a meal. There is no scientific evidence to say that this works, however people swear by it as their go-to fresh breath maker.

Hands down the best way to combat bad breath is to up your oral hygiene routine so that bacteria doesn’t get a chance to run riot in your mouth.

Some quick fixes we recommend are: 

charcoal toothpaste

  • Scrape away all that nasty bacteria that’s living on your tongue with a Copper Tongue cleaner.

copper tongue cleaner

  • And finally clean out your mouth a good swish of our all natural Keeko Oil Pulling. It nourishes teeth and gums, and gets into the impossible to reach places to kill off nasty bacteria and bad breath.

Oil pulling

If your bad breath isn’t improving in spite of all your best home remedies and great oral care, it might be time to see a doctor, just to check yourself. Stay well people.  


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