7 Amazing Teeth-Whitening Foods

12th Jun 2020

7 amazing teeth whitening foods pinapple

Having a healthy sparkling smile does not have to cost a fortune! Whilst we do recommend a whitening treatment like the Keeko Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen to kick start the process, the best way to maintain the results are by eating certain foods!

Here are our top 7  for naturally brilliant smile!


Apples are a nutrient packed food that pull double-duty as teeth whitening wunderkinds. Apples are rich in malic acid which stimulates your mouth to produce more saliva. The increased amount of saliva cleans your teeth and helps to remove stains. Try munching on an apple daily to enhance the killer results of your oil pulling regimen.


Pineapples are a yummy, healthy treat and are the only food that naturally contains bromelain. Bromelain is a super helpful compound with incredible anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Bromelain also happens to be one of the powerful stain-removing ingredients in toothpaste.


The European Journal of Dentistry knows their stuff when it comes to teeth whitening and they recommend chowing down on crispy, raw broccoli to help polish your teeth. An added bonus of broccoli is that its high iron content provides a wall of protection against the enamel-degrading acid that’s produced by the foul bacteria that’s in your mouth. 


Even though these little guys are sticky and sweet, they’re really good for your teeth. A recent study showed that bran cereal with raisins in it actually helps clean your mouth and teeth while bran cereal without raisins does not have the same effect. Raisins help to whiten your teeth by preventing plaque from building up in your mouth and less plaque means fewer stains and cavities from will form. HURRAY!


Who doesn’t love cheese? The answer to that question is basically no-one. If you’re a cheese lover, then now you’ve got one more reason to indulge! It turns out that cheese is good for your teeth! Cheese keeps your teeth strong with its high concentrations of calcium, phosphorus and protein. As an added bonus, the lactic acid in cheese stands guard in your mouth and protects your teeth against tooth decay.


We know that you’re a beauty and health conscious babe, so we’re sure you already know a lot about the importance of drinking a tonne of water. Well, you may not know that drinking water also helps your teeth. Drinking water helps your mouth produce saliva which helps guard again tooth decay and cavities. Another bonus of water is that sipping on a glass after meals helps to rinse your mouth in between brushing. 


We saved the yummiest teeth-whitening food for last! Strawberries, like apples, are packed with magic acid. Unlike apples, however, strawberries have the added benefits of ellagitannins and are packed with antioxidants. What does that mean? Basically it just means that strawberries help to reduce the amount of stain-causing bacteria in your mouth! The benefit of eating strawberries doesn’t stop there, however. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C which prevent gum disease, inflammation and periodontal disease.

All of these foods have powerful teeth whitening properties and they’re delicious!


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