7 Easy Tips for Dry Mouth

20th Jul 2021

7 Easy Tips for Dry Mouth

You’re not alone. Between 10 and 25% of us will experience Dry Mouth over the course of our lives. The medical term is Xerostomia, which is defined as an absence or reduced flow of saliva. It’s considered a symptom of an underlying problem and not a condition itself.

Dry, arid, thirsty feeling.

You know you’re suffering from Xerostomia if you have, dry/cracked lips, a rough/dry tongue, problems swallowing, mouth ulcers, tooth decay. And just an overall yucky mouth feel. 

Suffering from Dry Mouth? Try our 7 treatment tips. 

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The most common causes of Dry Mouth are preventable with diet, good oral care and lifestyle. We’ve compiled some tips to treat Dry Mouth and help keep your mouth moist and you feeling well.

  1. Oil pulling is renowned for relieving the symptoms of Dry Mouth, throat and chapped lips. Try Keeko oil pulling sachets with their unique nourishing essential oil blend. Teeth become whiter, breath fresher and the oral cavity muscles become stronger leading to excellent oral hygiene. 
  2. Sugar free chewing gum. The act of chewing stimulates the flow of saliva.
  1. Limit the tea and coffee. Caffeine dehydrates and will make your mouth drier. 
  2. Stay away from mouthwashes with alcohol, they can be drying. And stay away from alcohol full stop. It dehydrates. 
  3. Improve oral care. Dry Mouth can be the cause or a symptom of bad oral care. It’s an easy fix, brush twice a day, floss, and include oil pulling in your routine.  
  4. Drink water.
  5. Try some saliva substitutes, ask in your local pharmacy, there are plenty available. 

We need Saliva for basic functioning.

Saliva moistens food which allows us to swallow. And it’s a bit of a superpower, it also has anti-fungal properties, it boosts sensations in our mouths and helps to destroy viruses. It can attack bacteria that cause decay, neutralize harmful acids and contains calcium and phosphate which are important for preventing tooth decay. The bad news is if you have Dry Mouth you are more likely to get tooth decay. 

Causes of Dry Mouth.

There are lots of reasons you could have Dry Mouth from the straightforward not drinking enough water, to the more complicated facial nerve problems. There are hundreds of prescription drugs that are known to cause dry mouth including antihistamines, sedatives and blood pressure meds. Check the side effects on the label. Some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy cause dry mouth as can salivary duct blockages which occur when tiny stones made from saliva minerals can lodge in the salivary ducts. Blocked sinuses are a cause, as is too much caffeine. There’s a long list! 

If symptoms persist and you’ve tried our treatment suggestions, it’s probably worth talking to your doctor or your dentist.


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