The Top 3 Ways to Banish Bad Breath

15th Apr 2020

3 Ways to Banish Bad Breath

NEWSFLASH: This is how you banish bad breath

Sure, bad breath (also known as halitosis) has its plus sides. Plenty of personal space on public transport, annoying colleagues keeping out of your way, unwanted sexual advances are avoided, yada, yada. But sometimes, the sight of your date running away in horror gets a little tired, which is why it’s time to freshen up the mouth sitch, stat! Keeko is here to help banish bad breath! 

Throw Away Your Toothbrush

As much as the intention is there to do it, changing your toothbrush every month can be a major pain in the cahootie. Even if you claim you already do it on the regular, Keeko’s not buying it. The cold hard truth is those worn-out toothbrushes bristles don’t actually clean your teeth properly, meaning you miss a whole heap of food particles and bacteria that get stuck in your grills.

These pesky mofos release skatol and hydrogen sulphide which are basically bad smelling gases that lead to even badder smelling breath. Keeko’s advice?

Walk into your bathroom right now, and change that toothbrush. Yes. Right now. If you need a little inspo, there are plenty of wicked toothbrushes on the market to funk things up a bit in the brushing like our Charcoal Toothbrush.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been around for yonks, and it’s not just some hippie bullsh*t. It’s actually the fastest way to banish bad breath without going to extreme measures, not to mention the best way to whiten teeth naturally.

Here’s how simple it is: squeeze some Keeko out, swish it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes, spit out, rinse, do a happy dance. Boom. The swishing movement draws out the toxins from your mouth, helping prevent bad breath, gingervitis and cavities, as well as whitening your teeth.

The best part is that Keeko’s tastebud tantalising alternatives utilise flavoured oils with cold pressed organic coconut oil and the whole process takes only half the time of usual oil-pulling methods to work its magic. The formula just so happens to taste pretty damn good too – almost as good as how your breath will smell

Eat Your Way to Better Breath

If eating were the solution to everything, wouldn’t life be rad? Keeko knows sticking to a healthy meal plan can be a struggle at times, but by being mindful about what goes into you mouth, you’re totally helping the smell that comes out of it.

Fatty foods, for example, are something to avoid. Not only because of the whole artery-clogging biz, but because as they break down, foods with a high fat content create ketones, a byproduct of fat that ferments in your tummy. The odour then travels back up your oesophagus and can stick to your tongue (gross). Breaking up fatty foods with some crunchy fruit and veg helps to balance out those fats, and promote healthy, sweet-smelling breath that won’t scare away your hot barista. 

It might be hard to lose that empty seat next to you on the train, or to have to make small talk in the break room, but trust Keeko on this; minty-fresh breath is best! Plus, it’s so much more fun

Smell ya’ later. Keeko.


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