Does Oil Pulling Really Whiten Your Teeth?

7th Aug 2020

Does Oil Pulling Really Whiten Your Teeth?

The simple answer is YES it does.

How Does It Work?

Over time all the food & drink we consume can cause a yellow deposit to form on to teeth. This yellow layer is commonly known as plaque & tartar. 

Plaque is made up of millions of bacteria (gross i know) that live on the surface and within the pores of the teeth. This bacteria has an outer lipid (fat) layer & they can be very stubborn to get rid of. Brushing alone only cleans 25% of your mouth!

If you have ever mixed oil & water in a glass you will know they separate, however when you mix oil and oil it combines.This is how oil pulling works!

The oil attracts the bacteria like a magnet which get caught up in the oil as it is swished around the mouth. You will start to feel this happening as the oil turns into a milky water in your mouth. The removal of the plaque helps to reveal your beautiful natural white smile underneath whilst simultaneously conditioning your teeth.

It is important to remember that Oil Pulling is a natural treatment & therefore does not use any chemicals. Unlike commercial teeth whitening products it will not dehydrate your teeth & will not give you that unnatural bleached look! 

For people who are wanting the whiter then white look then we recommend you visit a dentist accredited in laser teeth whitening & maintain the results with Keeko Oil Pulling or our clinically proven Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen.

The laser will dehydrate your teeth & cause them to become like a sponge making them VERY susceptible to staining for some time afterwards. A daily oil pulling will help to prevent this from happening.

Just like you clean & condition your hair, your teeth need to be cleaned AND conditioned to really look gorgeously bright & glossy.


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