Celebrities Who Swear By Oil Pulling

10th Aug 2020

Celebrities Who Swear By Oil Pulling

No-one does pampering and over-the-top opulence quite like Hollywood, especially when it comes to the latest health and beauty trends of the stars (who really needs gold flecks or caviar in their moisturizer anyway?) 

If you're anything like me, you roll your eyes at celebrity beauty trends, but you also secretly want to try them (I kind of want gold flecks in my moisturizer).  Oil pulling is one celeb trend that you can emulate. 

Not only is it affordable, it works and it's actually good for you too!

Celebs and Oil Pulling

Gwyneth Paltrow is a bit of natural wellness maven.  She's shared some pretty out-there health advice and has been the voice that popularized a lot of alternative treatments (anyone up for a v-steam?!)

While some of the things Gwyneth talks about are a little bit suspect, there's no denying that she's got a drop-dead-gorgeous smile.  Her pearly whites are courtesy of oil pulling.

Gwyneth is not alone in dazzling Hollywood with oil pulling smiles.  Miranda Kerr is a coconut oil addict who whitens her teeth with oil pulling.  Divergent star Shailene Woodley keeps her chompers clean and healthy with oil pulling and, you got it dude!  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen oil pull all of their teeth's stains away.

How do you do It? 

Traditionally done with sesame seed oil in Ayurvedic medicine where it originated, we prefer raw free trade organic coconut oil for is natural antibacterial properties.

1. Put a teaspoon of oil into your mouth

2. Gently swirl around the mouth and in-between the teeth for up to 15 minutes. Be gentle with it, don't vigorously swish like you would a regular mouthwash. Your jaw needs to develop the strength to be able to move for longer periods of time. Start with a few minutes and then slowly work your way up. Our handy tip is to try doing it whilst you are in the shower!

3. If you are using coconut oil spit it into a tissue and place it in the bin. Do not spit down the drain or toilet as coconut oil can block your drains over time.

4. We recommend brushing your teeth after oil pulling for the ultimate clean.

Some people find the process challenging but the results can really be life changing. 

Keeko makes it even easier.  We offer our oil in small sachets that can be warmed between the palms of your hands until it's a liquid.  Our sachets come with a unique blend of essential oils well like chamomile to sooth gums, myrrh for improved oral health and mint essential oils to give it a total delicious minty flavour!


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