Organically Beautiful: Why Buy Natural Beauty Products

10th Aug 2020

why use natural beauty products

A lot of us are trying to live a healthier life, we're eating healthier, we're getting out and being active and we're doing our best to make good choices for our body.  This health focused approach to living well  has resulted in an uptick in all-natural and organic products, including beauty and wellness products. 

As we become more health conscious, the reasons for using and consuming organic products becomes more and more obvious.  We can't keep putting harmful chemicals and carcinogens in and on our body.

What are natural & organic beauty products

The word “organic” has varying definitions.  If you were to talk to a scientist, they'd likely tell you that organic material is any form of life that contains carbon.  If you look in the supermarket, most “organic” produce labels will tell you that it means there were no chemicals used in the growing and harvesting of that produce.

When it comes to the beauty and wellness industry, however, organic means you are purchasing a product that is made from healing and natural ingredients that I have been grown in a noninvasive way and without the use of carcinogenic chemicals. 

Why choose natural and organic

When it comes to beauty products that flaunt their  natural and organic ingredients, these labels often come with a higher price tag than synthetic products.  The reason these products are slightly pricier is that they are made from plant based substances which are more costly to produce.  More than that, these products are better for you.  

Plant based materials have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years.  Synthetic products, which are created from chemicals compounds that are not found in nature, are created in a lab in an effort to bring the cost of goods down.  Synthetic products have been used for a relatively short amount of time, and the research which has come out about the health complications that they cause is startling. 

How to make the switch to natural and organic beauty products

Switching to natural and organic doesn't mean you have to immediate throw out all your products! Making the switch can be easy and affordable if slowly done over time. When you have finished one product, look for a natural one to replace it with. 

Everything from your skin care, hair care, deodorant and even your toothpaste has a natural alternative that is better for your health whilst still delivering effective results.


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