The History of Oil Pulling - The Short Version

13th Aug 2020

The history of oil pulling

Oil pulling has been around for more than three thousand years!  With all of that history telling you about it is going to take for EVER.  We know that you don't have that kind of time so instead of telling you everything, we'll tell you the quick and not-so-dirty tale of oil pulling history.

A Traditional Ayurveda Treatment

Oil pulling began as an ancient Ayurveda gargling treatment more than 3,000 years ago.  These treatments where deeply personal ones which were prescribed to treat imbalances of the doshas, which are the three elements that come together to create a person's over-all health.

Typically, gargling treatments like kavala graha and gandusha invnvolved gargling with sesame oil or sunflower oil.  Ayurvedic practitioners would prescribe these treatments for inflammation of the mouth, dryness or any other oral ailment.  More specific treatments would be prescribed for head aches, hormone imbalances, congestion and a tonne of others.

Oil Pulling Like It's 1999

The oil pulling of today was first introduced in the 90's by Tummala Kotesware Rao of Bangalore India.  Rao came to oil pulling after reading a Ukrainian academic paper which claimed that shamans through Siberia had been using oil pulling for more than a century.

When oil pulling came to the forefront of the wellness industry in the late 90s, it coincided with a commercial interest in the health benefits of vegetable oils.  At the time, sesame oil was most widely used as it was the more popular oil amongst Ayurveda practitioners.  As more research was done on cold-pressed oils, and the miracle of coconut oil came to light, coconut oil became the most sought after and effective oil for oil pulling.

The Oil Pulling of Today

Today, oil pulling has cemented itself as a popular wellness product with many health benefits , including a whiter smile.  Keeko has built upon a rich 3,000 year history to create a superior, all-natural product.  We've blended lemon, chamomile and myrrh essential oils with cold-pressed coconut oil so that our oil leaves your teeth feeling cleaner and your mouth healthier.  


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