Oil Pulling for a Full Body Detox

8th Jun 2020

Oil Pulling for a Full Body Detox

“Detox” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially in the early months of the new year when everyone is focused on ridding their body of year's gunk so they can focus on being their best selves for the new year.  

To this end, people will put themselves through The Master Cleanse, a juice cleanse and any manner of unnatural and unsavoury fads all in the name of detoxifying their body.  Restrictive diets that recommend drinking saltwater and water with cayenne pepper are not the answer to ridding your body of carcinogens, bacteria and other harmful chemicals.

Oil pulling offers a gentle and natural way to detoxify your body.

Oil Pulling: an All-Natural Detoxifier

When it comes to oil pulling as a means of detoxifying your body, it's pretty simple.  Your mouth is the gateway into your body.  Through your mouth, a lot of nasty and harmful bacteria make their way into your blood stream.  Once bad bacteria makes their way past your lips and into your mouth they are treated to the most hospitable environment to take up residence and multiple.  

Bacteria hides in your gums and forms pockets of yuckiness that can disrupt your immune system and lead to some serious health complications.  What's more, all of the bacteria in your mouth ends up traveling through your digestive tract where it is absorbed into your blood stream further complicating matters.

When using oil pulling to detox your body,  the oil binds with the bacteria in your mouth to stop pockets from forming along your gum line.  As you swish oil around your mouth, it gets into the spaces between your teeth and the tight crevasses along your gums and picks up all the bacteria that's nesting there.  Once you spit the oil out, the bacteria is gone too!  Oil pulling every evening promotes powerful detox benefits that will leave you feeling all-around healthy!

Keeko Oil: Making Oil Pulling & Detoxing Easy

Keeko Oil offers a whole different approach to oil pulling.  Gone are the days of spooning solid coconut oil into your mouth and suffering through 15 minutes of swishing bland oil back and forth through your teeth.  Our oil comes in small packets that can be warmed in your hands before you put it in your mouth and we've packed Keeko Oil with the powerful whitening power of lemon essential oil, soothing chamomile and the anti-inflammatory benefit of Myrrh.  


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