Can You Do Oil Pulling With Fillings?

8th Apr 2020

Can you do oil pulling with fillings?

We all know about the sensational powers of oil pulling for a whiter smile and healthier mouth, and everyone wants that sexy sparkle when they bare their pearly whites, but what about those of us with fillings, do we have to miss out? 

Can You Practice Oil Pulling With Fillings?

Thankfully, you CAN practice oil pulling with fillings! Phew! Oil pulling will not affect your fillings or crowns. The oils used in oil pulling dissolve bacteria, pus. and mucus. Coconut oil has NO adverse affects on porcelain, amalgam or composite dental materials. The only effect oil pulling will have on your dental work is to kill any bacteria, cleanse away plaque and leave your teeth as sparkly clean as shiny little pearls. Whew! 

Actually, since the main reasons for dental work failing is the erosion of the natural tooth it is attached to, and we all know oil pulling kills the bacteria responsible for causing tooth decay, you could say that if you have fillings it is even more important that you add oil pulling to your routine. Wow, that means we can add ‘protects expensive dental work’ to oil pulling’s already impressive resume. This oil packs a serious wellness punch.

How to oil pull if you don't already

coconut oil

With so many amazing health, aesthetic and financial benefits, I bet you are high-fiving yourself for already using this time tested and all natural super-remedy. If you haven’t started an oil pulling routine yet, I bet you are asking yourself how something so great has slipped under your radar!

Oil Pulling is one of the simplest things to add to your oral care routine and here is how:

1. Grab an oil that you enjoy the taste of. Traditionally sesame oil is used, but we prefer coconut oil for its natural antibacterial properties.

2. Measure out a tablespoon of oil and put in your mouth. If you are using coconut oil it can sometimes go hard in the cold, so you can heat it up before or pop it solid into your mouth and allow to melt.

3. Gently move it around the mouth and between the teeth for a minimum of 5 minutes, working your way up to 15 minutes are you start to make it a habit. Go gently otherwise your jar will be tired in no time!

4. Spit into a tissue and pop into the bin. We strongly suggest not spitting any type of oil down your pipes as you may cause plumbing issues if it accumulates.

5. Brush teeth

The easier way to oil pulling

Keeko Morning Mint Oil Pulling Sachets

Keeko Morning Mint Oil Pulling Sachets

If that all feels a bit hard then you might want to check out Keeko's oil pulling sachets that contain a unique blend of cold pressed raw certified organic coconut oil, healing essential oils including mint oils for a delicious fresh minty flavour. It comes in remeasured satchels so no measuring, just warm, swish, spit and brush. 


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