Anti Ageing For Your Teeth

3rd Sep 2016

Anti Ageing For Your Teeth

 It’s a bummer, but we’re all getting older. As you get older, it becomes super important to take care of your pearly whites because, guess what, your teeth are ageing too! Double bummer!

As you get older, your teeth change and the nerves in your teeth become smaller. The smaller nerves mean that your teeth become less sensitive to cavities or other dental hygiene problems. With a dulled tooth sensitivity, it’s more likely that a serious oral health issues, such a tooth decay, will be left to fester and cause an even bigger oral hygiene issue.

A common misconception about ageing teeth is that yellowing, stained teeth, or even losing teeth is inevitable. Thankfully, that just isn’t true! With the proper maintenance, you can keep your teeth as healthy, young and vital as you are!

Teeth anti aging

Anti-Ageing Tips for Your Teeth 

Brush your Teeth: This might seem self-evident, but it’s an important one to mention. Brush your teeth twice per day, everyday. For the absolute best result, brush with Keeko's biodegradable toothbrush. It has activated charcoal fused into every single bristle which helps to lift impurities and stain-causing bacteria out of your teeth to promote a younger-looking and healthy smile.

Floss: You’re probably like a lot of people and you don’t like flossing, but you’ve got to do it! Floss between all of your teeth once per day!

Drink Lots of Water: Drinking water helps to protect your teeth in between brushing. For an even healthier mouth, skip the bottled water and drink tap water. Most tap water contains fluoride which strengthens your teeth and really amps up your smile game 

Ditch Bad Habits: If you smoke, drink excessively or binge on sweet food, you’ve got to stop it! It’s bad for your health and it’s bad for your teeth

Visit Your Dentist: As we age, visiting our dentist becomes even more important. Because the nerves in your teeth have shrunk considerably, you are less likely to know when something is up inside your mouth. When a problem does occur, your dentist can take the necessary steps to keep your teeth looking their best.

Oil Pulling for Younger Teeth 

Oil pulling helps to maintain the youthful appearance of your teeth by helping to remove bacteria that leads to stains and tooth decay. Swishing with Keeko Oil a few times per week is an important part of the maintenance of a healthy and vital smile. Our oil pulling packs can be used as a 14-day intensive treatment for stunning teeth-whitening and youthful results, or as a 6-month maintenance treatment.

 oil pulling at home


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