Can your Dentist tell if you don't floss?

14th Jun 2021

Can your Dentist tell if you don't floss

Yes, and they haven’t been spying on you, but they can tell. If you don’t floss you probably have gingivitis, and while your gums may not bleed when you brush them (yet) a good dental cleaning will see a few drops emerge. Symptoms of gingivitis include red or bleeding gums, receding and swollen gums and bad breath. You can’t hide your bad flossing.

Flossing is really important

Lots of people steer clear of flossing because they find it uncomfortable or time consuming, but without flossing there’s no way to protect your smile, or get that great clean teeth feeling.

Clean teeth are flossed teeth

No matter how fancy your toothbrush is, the bristles still cannot get into the tiniest cracks in between your teeth. In fact, if you don’t floss, you’re neglecting 40% of your tooths surfaces. Scary isn’t it? You’re hardly cleaning your teeth at all and leaving your mouth open to bacteria and infections.

Ways to help you floss

It has to be built into your routine. Twice a day.

- Don’t keep the floss in the drawer. Put it out on the sink, beside your toothbrush, somewhere that you won’t miss it. Our vegan coconut wax floss that soothes gums while scrubbing away plaque, is in a bright yellow container for just this reason. It pops, so you’ll floss.

- Focus on the good stuff. While you’re flossing think about your gorgeous smile, think about the amount of times you’ve seen people with food in between their teeth and thought eugh! Hooray, that won’t be you.

- Give yourself a high five, or better still something fabulous. Reward yourself. If you manage to floss every day, twice a day for a month you deserve something special. You’ve set your goal, you’ve made it now claim a prize.

Be kind to your teeth. Floss. Your smile will thank you for it.


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