Facetime: Clean Beauty & Eggs Benny with The Green Belle

25th May 2020

Self Care with The Green Belle

Welcome to FaceTime, a series where we interrogate the beauty habits, toothy tips and self-care views of cool girls around the world. First up we have Gabby Dubois, the green beauty herself who talks skincare must haves and the best place for a smashing eggs benny! 

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

The biggest egg benny breakfast from the cutest breakfast dine-in called Homeway in Toronto that’s been around for 50+ years.  


What are confidence deal breakers for you? When do you feel your best? 

I feel my best when my skin is glowing and clear. I feel the need to wear less makeup and flaunt my skin - au natural. 


#SELFCARE: A millennial buzzword or something you practice with sincerity? What does selfcare look like for you?

I’m a huge fan of selfcare. A skincare routine is heavily incorporated into my selfcare routine.


Tell us a little about your current oral care routine?

My current oral care routine is pretty basic. In the morning I will use my copper tongue scraper, something I started to do a bit more recently since reading more about Ayurvedic medicine. I follow up that with my Keeko floss and then brushing my teeth using my David’s Toothpaste. 

I’ll also throw in the Keeko Oil Pulling which has been such a great way to naturally whiten my teeth without the sensitivity.


Have you ever bought an item because of its aesthetic appeal rather than its efficacy? 

Absolutely! And I feel bad for saying that.


You must get to try a lot of products! What are your recent faves?

So many! A lot of the products I use and love are beauty and wellness products.

Bend Beauty Anti-Aging Formula Supplements: focusing on beauty from the inside-out

Agent Nateur Holi(water) is the best mix of Hyaluronic Acid, pearl and rose water making it super lightweight and Hydrating mixed with the Holi(c) vitamin C powder. 

Osea Malibu Cleansing Mudd: it has the most amazing cooling sensation that totally invigorating. 

Dr. Roebuck’s Ningaloo Firming Serum: is this beautiful blue serum that’s super lightweight and only contains 6 ingredients.  


Now be honest, how often do you floss?  

I try to floss more now, but I often overlook it. My Keeko floss has definitely been a motivating factor because of how cute it is. But frequently when there’s something in my teeth, and a few weeks before my next scheduled dentist appointment. 


The Green Belle

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