Facetime: Embracing Me Time & Managing Anxiety with The Happy Co

8th Jun 2020

How to managing anxiety

Welcome to FaceTime, a series where we dig into the beauty habits, toothy tips and self-care views of cool people around the world. In our next instalment i have the absolute pleasure of chatting with my reiki healer Karen from The Happy co! Karen talks about managing anxiety during COVID19, why she is embracing isolation and how we can use this time to slow down and make a positive change!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A cup of home-made vege soup. Since the weather has gotten cooler, I have swapped out my morning green smoothie for something warmer! 

For those who don’t know what Reiki is, could you give a quick explanation? 

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, and also promotes natural healing. It works by channeling positive energy into your body to help with the flow of ‘chi’, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, restored and with a greater sense of peace and wellbeing. Reiki masters and practitioners typically place their hands on the different areas of the body that need rebalancing or attention, and also tune in to the energy of your chakras to help bring your energy system back into alignment.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit which makes it a wonderful holistic treatment for releasing stress or anxiety, and dialing up feelings of health and happiness! 

Like many people, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with COVID19. What are some simple things people like myself could incorporate into our daily routines to help with stress and anxiety? 

Oh hun, I feel you! It’s been a time of great change and stress for many, so my 3 top tips would be making time each day for meditation, movement and some journaling. In order to thrive, we need to feel safe and secure. When we feel stressed, our sympathetic nervous system is activated and goes into fight-or-flight mode.

Movement is the number one way to help switch the body from the sympathetic state, to the parasympathetic state of rest /digest/repair. As we move our physical body, this encourages the flow of energy or ‘chi’ through us and we feel better and can think clearer again. I always say, as long as you're moving in a way that you enjoy, that's going to be great for your body AND mind.

Meditation  is the other practice I highly recommend to all my clients and personally prioritise in my life. There are so many proven benefits of meditation, but what I love most is the time in stillness to process my thoughts and emotions. When we are stressed and anxious, we often feel overwhelmed or scattered. Meditation is a time in the day to connect with your breath, notice your thoughts and begin to process all that energy.  

Finally, I love to journal! There is nothing like getting all thoughts in my mind (which can be lots!) out onto the page. It’s why writing a to-do list feels so good. Even if you haven’t done all the tasks yet, you immediately feel better for having organised the million things floating around in your head! There is so much power in creating space in your mind by actively releasing or ‘dumping’ your ideas. Get those thoughts on paper and feel clarity and calm return. 

How are you managing to stay sane during isolation? 

Haha! I actually love being home and since my pre-covid life was pretty hectic and busy, it’s been a welcome change! I can tend to become a workaholic and have burnt myself out a few too many times, so I have been trying to take this as a lesson to embrace a slower pace to my usual go-go-go, which I know serves me (and my adrenals!) so much better! Having a routine each morning has been a lifesaver. 

Starting with my meditation, movement and journaling gets me in the right frame of mind to take on the day.  Plus I’ve been cooking lots more, using the extra time to work on some creative biz projects, taking my dog for longer walks and listening to more podcasts, and I have also enrolled in a  few online courses that I didn't have the time to start before.

Zoom calls with friends have been great too. I am also one of those crazy people that loves to declutter and reorganise things, so I have found joy in rearranging my office and clearing out my wardrobe and colour coding everything!

#SELFCARE: A millennial buzzword or something you practice with sincerity? What does selfcare look like for you? 

To me, self care is doing anything that helps you FEEL good. My self care practices are so different! I love meditation, reiki, oracle cards, going for walks and having a sauna, but I equally love getting a pedicure, watching fashion blogger videos on YouTube (I’m obsessed) and relaxing with a glass of wine. I tune in to what I feel I need, and what serves me well, and give myself permission to honour that.  

Finish this sentence. I feel my best when….

I connect to simple, nourishing practices everyday that I know help me stay in my highest vibration   

Now tell us a little about your current oral care routine. Be honest, do you floss everyday? :)

Eek! No, I'm so naughty! I scrape my tongue when I wake up and then brush my teeth. I used to do oil pulling everyday, but now I think it’s more like once a week. So this is a good reminder for me to get back into the daily habit!!

And lastly, where can people follow you and learn more? 

My website is www.thehappyco.com.au. I hang out a lot on instagram and you can find me at @thehappy_co. I’m also on Facebook at @thehappycoau and finally I have a Podcast on iTunes called the The Happy Co Podcast where I share practical tips and tricks for managing stress, building confidence and elevating your energy. There's also some short guided meditations on my podcast too, if anyone feels like they want to try some meditation after reading this!