Facetime: Indie Beauty Brands & Better Than Botox Facial Massages with Merrady

28th Jul 2020

Facetime: Indie Beauty Brands & Better Than Botox Facial Massages with Merrady

Welcome to FaceTime, a series where we dig into the beauty habits, toothy tips and self-care views of cool people around the world. In our next instalment i have the absolute pleasure of chatting with the gorgeous Merrady who talks the indie brands you need to check out, and the face massage that is better than botox.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had an avocado smoothie! I’m not hungry when I wake up, so this is the best I can do. I’ve been adding in a scoop of The Ranch Complete Greens to hopefully fortify my quarantine pasta consumption.

How are you managing to stay sane during isolation? Any tips?

For the first month I put a lot of pressure and expectations on myself. I had a hard time letting go of trying to plan my life and control the outcome of this situation. Once I fully accepted (for the umpteenth time in my life) that I can’t control everything, especially what other people do, I was able to release a lot of stress. I’m more or less eating what feels comforting, watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and snuggling my dogs—I have three, plus a foster. There have been some dance parties and cake baking, but every day is different. It’s frustrating that I’m not feeling wildly creative or productive, but I can’t force myself to be those things. My only tip is to be gentle with yourself. These are not normal circumstances.

#SELFCARE: A millennial buzzword or something you practice with sincerity? What does selfcare look like for you?

I have always practiced self-care through my beauty regimens. You will never find me on a one hour jog, but you will find me doing a complicated skincare routine or taking a shower that could rival any spa. I love all of it—painting my nails, tinting my eyebrows, masking, massaging, etc. If you do one thing for yourself, take up gua sha self-massage. The results are better than botox, and tools can be super affordable. I love the Treatment by Lanshin tutorials on YouTube. Sandra is the real deal. Once you get the hang of it you can just gua sha and chill, no tutorial required.

Like everyone we love a trip to Sephora, but it's so cool to see all the Indie makeup brands coming out with new and innovative products, especially in the green beauty space. What are some of your indie favorites that people might not have heard about and should consider?

Oh gosh, I have so many favorites! I work almost exclusively with indie brands. There is so much more integrity and care put into the products, and I love being able to engage with the brand founders in a more intimate way. 14E Cosmetics is a wonderful LA brand of makeup by makeup artist Emma Fortini. It’s all aloe based, so a nice choice for those with oily or combo skin especially. I love Maya Chia for skincare. The formulas are exquisite, and they do a lot to give back. I’m addicted to the Straight A retinol serum. For makeup I also love Ere Perez, Prisma Palette, and Kosas, and for skincare Josh Rosebrook, Kypris, and the list goes on. This is like asking me to choose a favorite child (or dog in my case)!

We have been seeing alot of makeup skincare hybrid products popping up. Worth it or just clever marketing?

I wouldn’t say these hybrids necessarily allow you to skip steps, but I do think there’s no excuse for our makeup not to be made with skincare-quality ingredients. Which is what I think these hybrids are really about. Your foundation is going to have an oil in it, why not have it be a nourishing plant-based oil versus a mineral oil? Consumers are getting savvy about ingredients, so makeup formulators are stepping it up.

Right, what is your ride or die skincare product?

The aforementioned Maya Chia Straight A retinol serum has straight up transformed my skin, so I have to say that. But your girl double cleanses, wears sunscreen, masks twice a week, and more. It takes a village.

Now tell us a little about your current oral care routine.

I brush the recommended twice a day! I like to buy fancy mouthwashes, but I’m not the best at using them. I did incorporate a fluoride toothpaste into my routine at night to appease my hygienist. Plus my husband eats a lot of candy so he needs all the help he can get. I’m ready for Keeko to convert me to oil pulling!

Now be honest, how often do you floss? :)

Every night! I once had a dentist say something that stuck with me: “You don’t have to floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep!”

And lastly, where can people follow you?

 @merrady and over on merradywickes.com


Merrady Wickes