How brushing your teeth boosts your immune system

9th May 2021

How brushing your teeth boosts your immune system

Our overall health and our oral health are intrinsically linked. Healthy gums, teeth and mouths can signal that all is well with our general well-being. But unfortunately, when our oral care slips, our whole bodies are impacted, and this often starts with our first line of defence, our immune system.

Without proper flossing and brushing (twice a day folks) bacteria feeds on the food particles that accumulate in and around gums and teeth. For starters this can lead to gingivitis, you notice this when your gums start to bleed easily. This is a very early form of gum disease but great news, you can treat it yourself with good brushing and flossing. Further on down the line is periodontitis, this can only be treated by a dentist, the bacteria attacks gums causing inflammation, and the bones that hold your teeth in place.

Overworked immune system

While this bacteria is attacking your mouth, your body automatically goes into fight mode. Your immune system dresses up in full commando gear and heads into battle to attack. And it sends in all the troops. Leaving the rest of your body, that may come into contact with way more serious illnesses, exposed and unprotected. This is the time when you will pick up colds, flus and viruses because your immune system is overloaded working on the nasty bacteria in your mouth and doesn’t have enough ammunition to attack the rotten cold coming your way.


Mouth to body connection

Our mouths are the gateway to our digestive systems and respiratory tracts, and they are teeming with bacteria (which is true of most parts of our body BTW and not all the bacteria in our mouth is bad, lots is good stuff that we need). But if that bacteria is allowed to roam wild and free, they can cause infections and diseases in our bodies, some really nasty stuff like pneumonia, cardio vascular disease, increase of stroke among other terrible things. Oral health is so much more important than just having a nice smile.

When your immune system is strong, and your taking care of yourself and everything is working as it should be, bacteria in your mouth shouldn’t pose much of a threat. Get your rest in, try not to stress, eat a healthy diet, enjoy Netflix, and look after your teeth and your immune system will look after you.


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