How Oil Pulling Helps Your Hair

17th Apr 2020

How Oil Pulling Helps Your Hair

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you already know that oil pulling, the ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil around your mouth, has a tonne of health benefits in addition to its intense teeth whitening and oral hygiene powers. What you may not already know, however, is that oil pulling is really (really, really, really) good for your hair. We’re talking Kardashian in a hair stylist’s chair for three hours before walking a red carpet kind of good.

How Oil Pulling Helps Your Hair

It might seem like an outlandish claim, but we’re serious, oil pulling is really good for your hair! The way that oil pulling helps promote healthy hair is simple. You see, the condition of your mouth is really good indicator of your body’s overall health. Your mouth, however, if pretty nasty! It can contain more than 500 different types of bacteria and as many as 6 billion bacterial creepy crawlies. Gross! What’s even worse is that, when ingested, these bacterias can make their way into your gut and cause inflammation and disease in the rest of your body.

Oil pulling kicks the nasty bacteria in your mouth to the curb before it can weasel its way into your gums and lead to serious oral hygiene and overall health issues. In this way, oil pulling a massively potent detoxifier for your whole body...and your hair!

Not only does oil pulling improve the appearance of your hair, making it glossier, healthier looking and more manageable, it also speeds up hair growth and promotes hair growth for those whose hair is thinning. If you are plagued by dry, wispy, fly-away, baby-fine hair or if your pate is looking a little spare, oil pulling might just be the hair growth and hair health miracle that you’ve been looking for.

Oil Pulling for Healthy Hair

We’ve got more good news! Not only is oil pulling fantastic for your hair, it’s also a super easy process. Grab a jar of good quality coconut oil from your local supermarket or health food store and swish a spoonful each day. It's that simple!

Alternatively Keeko offers formulated oil pulling in super easy to use sachets or easy to pour pouches. Our oil pulling sachets combine wild harvested certified organic coconut oil with essential oils and has a delicious mint flavour. If you struggle with oil pulling this is a great alternative!