How to choose the right toothbrush

17th May 2021

How to choose the right toothbrush

Ever found yourself like a deer-in-the-headlights staring at the dental shelves in the supermarket? There are so many toothbrush options, all promising the same thing - a cleaner, brighter, whiter smile. But do they all work? And which brush is the right toothbrush for you? Where to start? We know that sometimes things that should be straightforward can seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together a few little tips to help you choose the brush that suits you best.

How to choose the right toothbrush

1. Size matters.

A toothbrush head should be about a half-inch wide and one inch tall. This is just right to easily maneuver and clean trickier areas at the back of the mouth and sides of molars. The handle needs to be long enough for you to have a comfortable grip too. There are larger toothbrush heads out there, but they don’t have the same ease of movement as regular, only use one of these if your dentist recommends it.

2. Bristles.

Soft, soft, soft. Did we say soft? We mean soft! Bristles come in soft, medium or hard. If you tend to brush hard, which a lot of us do, medium or hard bristles can damage your gums, soft bristles won’t. Only use harder bristles if your dentist gives it the thumbs up for you.

3. Use rounded bristles.

Straight bristles have jagged, sharp tips that can damage gums, and increase the risk of infections. Rounded bristles are the way to go, particularly if you have sensitive gums.

4. Electric versus Manual?

Honestly, it’s up to you. They both do the job. Electric brushes normally cost more, and use up electricity, but they clean your teeth perfectly fine, as does a manual. It’s a personal preference.

5. Waste not, want not.

Remember you need to change your toothbrush every three months. Unfortunately, most toothbrushes cannot be recycled, and end up in landfill. Boooooo. If you care about great looking teeth and the environment take a look at our One Good Brush. It’s completely biodegradable, just pop it in the compost bin when you’re done, and hear mother earth sigh with happiness : )

Keeko biodegradable toothbrush

Keeko Biodegradable Toothbrush

And remember whichever brush you choose, use it twice a day and floss. Happy hunting.


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