Meet The Founder

30th May 2021

Meet The Founder

The first day i told my friends i was starting an oral care brand they all asked "why teeth?!"

Having been a dancer for most of my life, most notably as a lead dancer for one of the most famous french cabaret shows in the world, my smile was a huge part of my job. 

Growing up, my parents could not afford braces and as i slowly grew in my professional career so did my obsession with the perfect smile. I did everything from leaving teeth whitening strips on overnight, to flying to Los Vegas for laser teeth whitening that left my teeth feeling soft and brittle.

All of this combined with a lifestyle of late nights and poor diet led to some serious dental issues in my mid 20's.

It was thanks to a trip to an Ayurvedic Dr in Bali where i was introduced to oil pulling that i started to turn my overall wellbeing and oral health around, and started to understand oral care as part of total body wellness.

I now, thankfully, have the whitest, healthiest teeth and gums i have ever had thanks to proper orthodontic treatment, a thoughtful approach to my oral care routine, and using my clean effective dental products that were designed for total body health in mind.

I hope you enjoy the Keeko range as much as i do!