My gums will grow back – right?

13th May 2020

Do gums grow back

Our gums are amazing. Healthy gums are key to a sparkly smile. Gums should be pink, clean and hold teeth firmly. They are made of a soft tissue and a mucus membrane that helps eliminate bacteria and keeps your mouth nice and healthy and your smile – winning!

Recessive gums are a BIG problem

Because they’re made of soft tissue, gums can push back into the mouth. This can happen with over-enthusiastic brushing or using a hard toothbrush. This is not good. It exposes roots and makes it easier for nasty bacteria to invade and cause tooth decay. It also looks bad and let’s face it, it’s important that your smile is bright and full, but recessive gums can make teeth look longer and have unnatural looking gaps between them and just look a bit odd.

And then they were gone

When gums are gone, they’re gone. And those overexposed roots and long teeth are here to stay. There is a procedure known as gum grafts that will reclaim some gum area by moving tissue from the roof of your mouth, but it’s expensive, drawn out and a full-on operation. It’s much better to have preventative measures in place than to consider grafts. If your gums have just started receding, it’s possible to stop them getting worse. The earlier you catch it the better.

Help - I don’t want weird gummy teeth!

None of us do. And we don’t ever have to have them. Phew. It’s easy to keep your smile gorgeous. Just brush twice a day with a toothbrush with soft tapered bristles, take a look at our One Good Brush with soft charcoal bristles specially designed to absorb bacteria, floss once a day, use a mouthwash and visit the dentist for a clean twice a year. Easy, peasy.