The Mouth Body Connection - What Is It?

1st Nov 2022

The Mouth Body Connection - What Is It?

Your mouth is your body's gateway. Your mouth is the place where food enters your body, and it is also the place where many pathogens enter your body. An entire range of health issues, including many chronic conditions, can result from poor oral health.

It is imperative that you take care of your oral health if you want to maintain overall wellness. A growing body of scientific evidence shows the importance of maintaining your oral health in order to keep your body healthy.

The mouth-body connection: what is it?

Mouth-body connection refers to the relationship between your oral health and the health of your whole body. Having gum disease (periodontitis) causes inflammation throughout the body. This is an example of the mouth-body connection. In severe cases, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, a gum infection that may lead to tooth loss, bone loss, or even death.

The immune system is activated by oral bacteria in and around the gumline. To fight the bacteria, the immune system produces inflammatory molecules such as cytokines and chemokines. As these molecules travel through the bloodstream, they cause inflammation throughout the body. Cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease can be caused by systemic inflammation.

Your mouth is also the entry point for many toxins into your body. Various chemicals are ingested from personal care products and food, as well as certain types of fillings.

Overall, your mouth provides valuable insight into your health, including the level of inflammation in your body. Chronic health problems can result from inflammation.

Conditions related to oral health

Health problems in the rest of the body can be attributed to poor oral health care. From your heart to your brain, your mouth can affect all of your body's organs. Oral infections left untreated can cause even more damage and even lead to death. The following chronic conditions are linked to oral health: Cardiovascular disease:

Periodontal disease: Can cause heart disease and even heart attacks. High blood pressure is associated with gum disease bacteria. The thickening of blood vessels caused by high blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease, kidney disease, and other health problems.

Type 2 diabetes: Diabetes can be caused by chronic gum disease as well as vice versa. Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels.

Pulmonary disease: Poor oral health and hygiene are associated with respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pneumonia.

Low birth weight and premature birth: Periodontal disease is linked to low birth weight and premature birth in pregnant women.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia: Periodontal disease can cause inflammation in the brain, potentially causing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Osteoporosis: Periodontal disease plays a direct role in osteoporosis in the jaw. Periodontal disease causes bone loss around the tooth and can eventually result in tooth loss.

Rheumatoid arthritis: Untreated periodontal disease can also cause rheumatoid arthritis. Even gum disease-causing bacteria can travel directly to joints, causing damage to them.

How to maintain a healthy mouth-body connection

Your mouth reflects your body. It's likely that your body will not be well if your mouth isn't well. A healthy mouth-body connection begins with maintaining a balanced oral microbiome and reducing inflammation throughout the body, including the mouth.

Maintaining healthy habits can prevent disease and support your mouth-body connection. Here are some ways to promote a healthy mouth-body connection:


Inflammation can be reduced by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, which provide your body with the nutrients it needs to fight periodontal disease. Calcium and vitamin D will also help your body repair any damage done by cavity-causing bacteria.

A diet high in alkalizing substances, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds will promote optimal oral health. For a healthy mouth, consume whole foods instead of artificial ingredients.


There are supplements that can help you maintain a healthy mouth and body as well. Support healthy microbes in your mouth by taking an oral probiotic and prebiotic, restoring bacterial balance and fighting pathogenic bacteria naturally. You can also support your oral health by taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Taking calcium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 supplements will keep your teeth healthy, and vitamin C, fish oil, and turmeric will help reduce inflammation.


Inflammation can be reduced in the body through regular exercise. Moving your body regularly to maintain your physical and oral health can reduce your risk of chronic inflammation.


Inflammation in the body is also increased by chronic stress. Your body releases cortisol and other stress hormones when you're stressed, which promote inflammation and eventually lead to chronic diseases.

Furthermore, stress can cause you to grind or clench your teeth (leading to a host of jaw problems), cause dry mouth, cause canker sores, and have a host of other health problems related to your mouth. Stress-reduction techniques can do wonders for your mouth.


Keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing! It is still important to maintain good oral health with proper dental care. It is also important to have regular dental cleanings to prevent tartar buildup.

Make sure to opt for a natural toothpaste that harnesses natural ingredients. Do not use a product that contains harsh chemicals like SLS, artificial sweeteners, colors, or parabens.

Choose an alkalizing mouthwash instead of one that contains alcohol and kills beneficial bacteria to balance the oral microbiome.


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