The Power of Myrrh Essential Oil

7th Sep 2020

The Power of Myrrh Essential Oil

To close off our blogging series on the killer essential oils that we’ve used in Keeko to create the BEST oil pulling system, we want to talk to you about myrrh essential oil.

Of course this deeply spiritual oil has its routes in religion and Christianity, but what you might not know if that myrrh essential oil is a whole lot more than just a gift that one of the Three Wisemen is rumoured to have given Jesus. It’s also a power packed essential oil with a tonne of healing properties that make it a perfect ingredient for oil pulling.

Myrrh Essential Oil 

Myrrh essential oils is a sticky, sap-like substance that comes from a tree called Commiphora myrrha which grows in Africa and the Middle East and it is closely related to Frankincense. This resin-like oil has a smokey and sweet aroma.

Myrrh essential oil has some super powerful healing properties that you need to know about! It’s a potent antioxidant, may reduce the risk of cancer, is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, is really, really, really good for your skin and helps with rest an relaxation. 

Myrrh Essential Oil for Oil Pulling 

We decided to use myrrh oil in the recipe for our oil pulling teeth-whitening system because of the calming and soothing effect this spiritual essential oil has on our mouths and gums. As you swish, the myrrh essential oil in our unique and powerful oil pulling recipe not only calms and soothes your gums, but also aids quickly healing for a healthier mouth!


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