The Top 3 Toxic Ingredients to avoid in Toothpaste

15th Apr 2020

The Top 3 Toxic Ingredients to avoid in Toothpaste

We are becoming more mindful to look at the ingredients in our food and skincare items, but when was the last time you looked the ingredients in your toothpaste? You might think them fairly harmless however those pea-sized dollops on your toothbrush twice a day add up.

Your mouth is one of the most absorbent places in your entire body and a gateway to every system in your body. This is why some medications are administered through the mouth or under the tongue.

Over a lifetime the average person uses about 75 Litres of toothpaste, and even if you spit most of it out, some of the chemicals it contains make their way into your bloodstream. Many popular brands found on most supermarket shelves around the world contain questionable ingredients.

Below are our top 3 ingredients you are best to avoid in your toothpaste and the reasons why!


Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical that allow toothpaste companies like Colgate to make statements such as it being the “only toothpaste approved by the FDA to help flight plaque and gingivitis”.

Whilst Triclosan has been shown to prevent gingivitis, the benefits do not outweigh the health implications. Some studies have shown that Triclosan caused fetal malformations in mice and rats which would suggest it has an effect on hormones & it has been linked to breast cancer.


Most toothpaste contain a foaming agent like SLS or SLES to make it feel like your toothpaste is doing its job. The reality is that SLS has been linked to skin irritations & is also registered as an insecticide that can harm marine life. 


Probably one of the most controversial and confusing ingredients in toothpaste!

Fluoride has long been championed as reducing tooth decay however a recent study found that benefits to the enamel are microscopically small (6 manometers thick). Over time fluoride accumulates in the tissue and can seriously affect neurological and endocrine function which poses the very real question, does the very small benefits to tooth enamel outweigh the serious health implications?


Keeko Superclean Charcoal Toothpaste is contain no Parabens, SLS, Fluoride, SLS or Triclosan! It is also proudly cruelty free and contains all vegan ingredients. Developed over two years with dental professionals, Keeko Suprerclean Charcoal Toothpaste is designed to gently and safely whiten teeth, assist with removing plaque build up and freshen the breath!