The Top 5 Vitamins You Need For Healthy Teeth & Gums

21st Mar 2022

The Top 5 Vitamins You Need For Healthy Teeth & Gums

If you're looking to power up the health of your teeth and gums you might want to consider adding these 5 vitamins to your diet.

1. Vitamin C

For centuries sailors would suffer from a disease called scurvy which caused bleeding gums and loss of teeth. It was eventually discovered that the cause of scurvy was a deficiency in vitamin c due to a lack of fresh fruit and vegetable. Vitamin C is essential for keeping the connective tissue in your gums strong so your teeth don’t fall out! Bleeding gums is often associated with gingivitis however it can also indicate a lack of vitamin C in your diet.

Find It In: Citrus fruits (such as lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit), tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum, broccoli, kiwifruit.

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2. Vitamin D

Know as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones. The ABS estimates that one in four Australian adults is vitamin D deficient. While the best source of vitamin D is spending a few minutes in the sun, some people are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency such as including the elderly, chronically ill and people who are obese.

Find It In: Egg yolks, oily fish( salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel), red meat and vitamin D fortified breakfast cereals.

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3. Calcium

Calcium is one of the bodies building blocks for strong teeth as it works to strengthen the tooth enamel and protect teeth against cavities. Dairy foods, leafy greens such as broccoli, kale and bok choy, and some nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts are all good sources of calcium

Find It In: Cheese, milk, yoghurt, canned fish with bones such as salmon and sardines, leafy green vegetables, tofu.

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4. Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in orange-coloured fruits and vegies. Vitamin A deficiency has been associated with impaired tooth formation, enamel hypoplasia (a developmental defect that results in inadequate enamel) and gum disease.

Find It in: Oily fish, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, carrots, capsicum, pumpkin.

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5. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the body and most of it is found in your bones and teeth. The job of phosphorus is to serve as a building block for healthy teeth and bones, and calcium needs phosphorus to make your teeth and bones strong.

Find It in: Chicken, red meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, nuts, legumes.

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