Thinking Of Getting Braces? This Is What You Need To Know.

8th Dec 2021

Thinking Of Getting Braces? This Is What You Need To Know.

Getting braces can be a bit daunting, but it also can be an exciting new chapter to straight, healthy teeth that will (hopefully) last you a lifetime!

When thinking about getting braces, you first want to consult with an orthodontist. You might be concerned about the cost of a consultation; however, a high-quality orthodontic office is often free and can cover a wide array of topics, from your medical history to your treatment options and even financial needs like a payment plans.

This initial consultation is an essential part of your treatment plan to talk about your orthodontic problems and what treatment would be best suited for you. Some of the things that a good quality orthodontist will talk to you about before you can even get braces near your mouth include:

  • talking about your medical history
  • any orthodontic problems you have
  • what treatment option you might like and your ultimate smile goals
  • your treatment plan
  • financial needs like whether you require payment plans

Preparing For Braces

Once you have finalised your treatment plan the first thing to do before getting your braces on is to book in for a clean with your dentist. This is because your orthodontist needs your teeth and gums to be nice and healthy before your braces are fitted.

The Day You Get Your Braces Fitted

Getting braces put on your teeth typically takes the same amount of time as watching your favorite TV show, about 45-60 minutes. Generally, after your teeth are prepped and the oral adhesive is applied, the braces are treated with adhesive and fitted to your teeth. After this the orthodontist will usually connect each tooth with wires. 

You might want to have some over the counter pain killers handy your teeth and gums are likely to be a little sore. This usually goes away in a few days.

Cleaning Your Teeth When You Have Braces

Now that you have your braces on you want to avoid certain foods that can pop brackets and bend wires. Avoid hard foods like nuts, lollies, chewy candies, carrots and popcorn.

You want to make extra certain that you are really cleaning between your teeth morning and night with a good quality natural toothpaste and natural mouthwash as food and bacteria get more easily trapped between your teeth.


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