What is a Wellness Ritual & How Can We Create One For Ourselves?

23rd Aug 2021

What is a Wellness Ritual & How Can We Create One For Ourselves?
Wellness can be a difficult term to define as it can mean so many things to so many people. However, there is one definition that stands out. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

For us, this means that wellness isn’t passive. It takes a certain type of determination and assertiveness to bring wellness into your life. “The active pursuit” is the use of choices, actions and intentions. We are conscious and continuous in our process of achieving an optimal state of health, as well as our full potential as individuals. Moreover, wellness is holistic. It extends beyond the idea of physical health and takes into account multiple parts of our lives - our lifestyle, spirituality, health or our relationship with the environment, we are encouraged to intertwine these aspects to create a sense of balance. Wellness is an individual, dynamic and ever-changing process.

The concept of wellness has ancient origins rooted in Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese cultures. It was, and is, a belief that a holistic approach to one’s health and wellbeing results in inner harmony. In these times, there was an innate focus on self-healing, synthesis with the natural world and a particular emphasis on preventative care. It seems that in this day and age, so much of western medicine is centred on the relief of symptoms, casting aside the investigation of the root cause. It feels as if there is a potential loss of sight in how intricately, and how delicately interwoven our body and mind is. It is so important to remember the power of the process, rather than relying solely on the outcome. If we can learn to work in tandem with the influence of medicine and wellbeing, we are providing ourselves with a steady and resolute foundation for our health.

Now, it’s all well and good to have these explanations and ideas of wellness laid out for us - but how do we implement our understanding?

Our habits and our rituals are powerful. They shape our past, our present and our future - they shape our very existence. Our behaviour is made up of these habits, and for better or for worse, this is what makes up our quality of life. Our rituals influence our health and wellbeing - so if we can change our habits for the better, we can change our lives for the better. Having the knowledge and the tools at your disposal is the first step - and that’s where Daily Rituals comes in. We know the abundance of information can be daunting, but we are here to make your life as effortless as it can be. Our carefully curated selection of products has been chosen with you in mind. 

Holistic living is about finding a balance. It is about making intentional choices to care for ourselves - mind, body and soul. It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about being conscious and bold - taking your wellbeing into your own hands to see the results you desire. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

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