Which oil is best for oil pulling?

12th Aug 2020

Which Oil Is Best For Oil Pulling?

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you already know that oil pulling has a rich history as an ancient detoxification remedy that is detailed in Ayurvedic texts which are more than 3,000 years old. Back then, Ayurvedic practitioners prescribed sesame oil for oil pulling therapy.

At the time, sesame oil was something Ayurvedic practitioners had in abundance, which is why it was so popular for oil pulling. Today, however, we have a great deal more options that are readily available to us and that’s why most modern oil pulling is done with coconut oil rather than sesame oil.

You might be wondering what makes coconut oil so much better than other oils, here’s quick overview.

Why Coconut Oil is Best for Oil Pulling

Throughout oil pulling’s history, there have been a number of different oils used including olive oil, sunflower oil, butter oil and many other types of oil. While these oils might be somewhat effective when it comes to oil pulling, coconut oil crushes the competition with it’s effectiveness and health benefits which is why, at Keeko Oil, we only use 100% organic coconut oil in all of our oil pulling packages.

A recent study, performed by a bunch of brainiacs at Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, tested the effectiveness of a variety of oils on dental hygiene. They tested coconut oil, a variety of vegetable oil, sesame oil and olive oil.

Of the oils that were tested, only coconut oil was found to prevent Streptococcus mutans, which is the scary-sounding name for an acid-producing bacteria that is present in your mouth (yuck!) and is a leading cause of tooth decay. It damages your tooth by binding to the enamel of your teeth which weakens the enamel.

The findings of this Irish study has lead Dr. Damien Brady to accept the idea that coconut oil and oil pulling might be a viable alternative to the chemical maintenance of oral health.

Using Refined vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling 

Even amongst varieties of coconut oils, there is a considerable difference when it comes to their effectiveness for the maintenance of oral health. Refined coconut oil is altered so that it will stay in a liquid form. While this might make it more convenient to use for oil pulling, the refining process strips the coconut oil of its micronutrients, which is a big part of what makes coconut oil so great. 

For maximum effectiveness with whitening your teeth and promoting good oral health, it’s important to use unrefined coconut oil for oil pulling!

Keeko Uses Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

At Keeko, we’ve done a tonne of research on the best ingredients to use to improve oral health & whiten teeth with oil pulling. The result of our research has been the creation of a superior oral hygiene product that can not only help naturally whiten your teeth but also promotes allover health as well. We use only top quality coconut oil in all of our oil pulling products and we’ve added the healing and teeth whitening power of essential oils to improve upon and already fantastic product. 

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