Why Are My Childs Teeth Yellow?

27th Jun 2023

Why Are My Childs Teeth Yellow?

As a child grows up, their baby teeth fall out, and permanent teeth take their place. This is an exciting milestone, but what if you notice the new teeth are yellow? Don't worry - it's normal for children's adult teeth to have a yellowish tint at first.

Thin enamel, staining from food and drinks, poor hygiene, and cavities are all potential causes of yellowing teeth in kids. Thin enamel, whether from genetics or poor hygiene, can make the yellowish dentin beneath more visible. Foods and drinks such as soda and dark-colored berries can stain enamel when consumed regularly, which can build up and cause a yellow hue over time.

Without proper oral hygiene, your child's teeth can accumulate plaque, leading to tartar buildup, which can increase the chances of yellowing teeth and more severe dental problems, such as cavities.

In some cases, it is simply the fact that your child's permanent teeth have started coming in. Adult teeth contain more natural yellow dentin than baby teeth, and the teeth might appear unmatched if they come in at different times.

Overall, yellowing of your child's teeth is a common occurrence. If you're concerned, proper oral hygiene can help prevent further yellowing. Otherwise, rest assured that their teeth will gradually become brighter and whiter over time.

Why Do My Childs Teeth Looking Yellow?

If your child's permanent teeth are erupting unevenly, don't worry. With good oral hygiene practices, the color should even out into a white smile again. But did you know that you can take steps to prevent yellow teeth altogether? Here are some tips:

1. Teach good oral hygiene: Make sure your child brushes & flosses regularly. Encourage them to keep up these habits as they get older, and emphasize the importance of oral hygiene.

2. Encourage a healthy diet: What your child eats plays a huge role in their oral health. Fresh fruits & vegetables, especially crunchy ones like carrots, celery, apples and pears that can help to "scrub" the teeth of plaque which can make them look yellow. 

3. Visit the dentist: Regular visits to a pediatric dentist are essential for ensuring that your child's teeth stay healthy and bright. At these appointments, the dentist can remove plaque buildup and provide tips to help your child maintain good oral hygiene at home.

By following these simple steps, you can help your child maintain a bright, white smile for years to come!

Should I Whiten My Childs Teeth?

Although some parents feel self-conscious about their child's yellow teeth, it's recommended to avoid teeth whitening, especially for baby teeth. Children's tooth enamel is weaker in baby teeth, and whitening may cause enamel damage and increase tooth sensitivity.

How Do I Fix My Childs Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth in children are not uncommon, and sometimes, time is all it takes for newly-erupted adult teeth to whiten on their own. However, if the discoloration comes from neglecting oral hygiene or poor diet, a change in routine is necessary.

Encourage your child to improve their dental hygiene habits and to eat a diet that is low in sugary, starchy foods to prevent cavities and tooth staining.

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