Why You Need A Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

26th May 2022

hydroxyapatite toothpaste Nasa

If you’ve grown a little tired, or maybe even a little nervous about using fluoride in your toothpaste, you’re going to love Hydroxyapatite. It’s a completely natural toothpaste alternative that fights plaque, freshens breath and whitens teeth. Sounds good? Believe us, it is and here are some reasons why!

The 100% naturally effective toothpaste

Hydroxyapatite lives in our bodies. It’s a calcium mineral that our body uses to repair itself. Our bodies particularly use it to restore weakened bones and teeth. It already forms 97% of our tooth enamel. Hey, if mother nature made it, it must be good – right?

One giant step…for teeth

In the 1970’s astronauts returning from space had weakened tooth enamel and bone loss from experiencing weightlessness. To help restore and strengthen bones and tooth enamel the brains at NASA created a synthetic version of hydroxyapatite.

Hydroxyapatite repairs teeth

Hydroxyapatite rebuilds (remineralises) tooth enamel without any known side effects. Our teeth have tiny fissures or scratches in them that bacteria like to burrow into and breed. This leads to tooth decay. As hydroxyapatite is the same substance that our teeth are made of our body recognizes it immediately and absorbs right to the root. Not only does it rebuild the enamel on the tooth surface it rebuilds the areas where cavities are starting to form.

But does it work…

Yes! Hooray, and there’s no side effects. We are so thrilled with our Keeko Dream Clean Toothpaste, with, you guessed it, hydroxyapatite. With this magic ingredient it:

  • Fights and prevents cavities
  • Rebuilds and repairs tooth enamel
  • Keeps the oral microbiome balanced
  • Makes teeth appear whiter
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity.

Reinforced by Science

There have been lots of studies to back up how effective Hydroxyapatite is including how it reduces tooth sensitivity and is as effective as fluoride-based toothpaste at only a 10% solution in reversing tooth decay in children. The fear of using fluoride in toothpaste is that if it gets ingested, or too much is in our bodies it can lead to fluorosis. Hydroxyapatite gives us a natural alternative that is just as effective and has no side effects. We know what we’ll be brushing our teeth with tonight!

Dream Clean Antioxidant Toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite


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