Should you rinse after brushing your teeth?

15th Aug 2022

Should you rinse after brushing your teeth?

To rinse or not to rinse? That is the question. After all, we’ve been brushing our teeth with that same old routine since childhood—brush-spit- Rinse! But even though it's natural and easy on yourself (and perhaps a bit boring), rinsing may actually reduce how effective your toothpaste was in making sure every part of your mouth has enamel protection from cavities .

Do you need to rinse after brushing your teeth?

Fluoride is the most commonly known ingredient to help prevent tooth decay. It can also be found naturally in some the food you eat but it’s also added to drinking water in some countries. 

Some dental products contain higher concentrations of fluoride than what’s recommended for you to ingest each day. So the reason for recommending you rinse your mouth out after brushing became common practice as a way to prevent a significant amount of fluoride ingestion. For this reason we suggest opting for a Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste which is completely non toxic.

There’s not a consensus whether you should rinse out your mouth with water after brushing your teeth, but not rinsing could be beneficial for people who are prone to tooth decay.

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